Velux windows repair Worthing

Velux Window Repair in Worthing

For a long time, one of our customers in Worthing was living with the assumption that his Velux skylight was in perfect condition. He noticed some moisture around the window area but dismissed it as mere condensation. However, during a period of substantial rainfall, the true situation became evident - his window was indeed leaking.

Identifying the Problem

The problem of leakage was twofold. Initially, a small channel was discovered between the joints of two lead pieces just above the window. This seemingly minor defect became a major issue as it allowed water to seep under the roof tiles. In addition to this, there was another contributing factor. An upstand Felt, an essential component that ensures proper insulation and weather resistance, was missing right above the window. The absence of this critical element allowed water to seep through and leak directly into the apartment, causing not only discomfort but potential structural and aesthetic damage to the property.

Solution and Repairs

We at understand the urgency and complexity of such problems and took immediate steps to rectify the situation. Our first action was to carefully uncover the roof tiles above the window to reach the source of the problem. Once this was done, we installed a sturdy plastic sheet strip over the window. This addition plays a crucial role in diverting water away from the potentially vulnerable parts of the window, especially during periods of heavy rain and wind, and it effectively prevents leaking around the window.

After ensuring the window was sufficiently protected from further water ingress, we proceeded to cover the roof tiles back up, restoring the original look of the roof. But our job didn't stop there. We also meticulously sealed the lead above the window to ensure maximum resistance to any potential future leaks.

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