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Looking for specialists in Roofing in Brighton? Whether you need a complete re-roofing or just a minor repair, is the solution for you. With extensive experience in Roofing Brighton, we're always ready to address your roofing needs.

We recently tackled a complex roof repair project in Brighton, facing a myriad of challenges. The old roof tiles were taken off, along with the roof laths and roof felt. Over time, rafters can lose their levelness, resulting in improper laying of roofing materials. Our team of professionals rectified this by meticulously leveling the rafters with new laths.

After this step, we laid a new roof membrane and added fresh roof laths. Although there was an option to incorporate new roof tiles, we opted to reuse the original tiles. This decision underscores our commitment to working flexibly, adhering to our customers' preferences.

A pivotal aspect of our repair project focused on the cracked wall above the roof. This wall had undergone numerous treatments, being repeatedly painted with Acrypol. However, many learn the hard way that Acrypol only offers short-lived protection against leakages. To address this, we employed the superior "Felt: Torch-On Mineral Felt" – a material renowned for its durability and ability to outperform standard solutions like Acrypol.

At, your satisfaction stands as our utmost priority. If you're seeking a dependable Roofer in Brighton, look no further. Reach out to us today and discover how we can ensure your roof remains in impeccable condition for the long haul.

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