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High-Quality Flat Roof Renovation: Our Process and Materials Used

Recently, our company completed a project involving the renovation of a flat roof. This article presents a detailed account of our team's procedure and the materials utilized in this process.


  • Felt: IKO Undertile
  • Felt: Torch On Roofing Felt Underlay
  • Felt: Torch-On Mineral Felt
  • Roofing felt nails
  • Planks for roof formwork

The Procedure:

Our team started the roofing renovation by scraping off the stone chippings from the roof that had been protecting it against UV radiation over the years. These stones had effectively bonded with the asphalt base over time, making their removal a challenging and lengthy task.

Next, we sliced through the waterproof asphalt layer that formed the primary waterproof barrier. This layer can be as thick as 5 cm and consists of numerous layers of Torch-On Mineral Felt.

Following this, we inspected the roof formwork to check for any signs of rot from years of leakage. Any rotten planks were replaced with new ones, ensuring a stable and secure roof. During the inspection, we also discovered a rotten beam that needed replacing, which we promptly did.

On the repaired formwork, we unrolled the first strip of IKO Undertile. This serves as a fire-resistant layer and shields the items stored under the roof from potential fire hazards. The IKO Undertile also prevents leaking of the molten asphalt from the additional felt layers that are heated and applied to the roof with a gas burner. The IKO Undertile is attached to the formwork using roofing felt nails, typically using around 30 to 50 nails per square meter. These nails subsequently hold the additional felt layers and stabilize the entire roof against weather conditions.

Next comes the second layer, the Torch On Roofing Felt Underlay. This is the first fully waterproof layer on the roof and is torched onto the roof with a gas burner.

Finally, we apply the last layer, the Torch-On Mineral Felt. This forms the primary waterproof layer that ensures water resistance for 15 to 30 years. Its surface is protected against UV radiation with a mineral layer.

Upon completion of the roofing work, we cleaned the surrounding area from all the dirt and waste resulting from the renovation process.

Our aim is always to provide quality and professional services. We take pride in our work and appreciate the trust that our clients put in us.

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