Our Website and Cookies


With the modern internet, it's hard to imagine a website without cookies. In essence, cookies are small bits of data that websites store in your browser to improve your online experience. They remember your settings, login credentials, or the contents of your e-shop cart. Most modern websites wouldn't be able to function correctly without them.

Our Cookies

Our website uses cookies, too. But we want to assure you: our cookies are 100% safe. They are used solely to enhance your user experience and are never shared with third parties without your explicit consent.


The Cookie Rules of 2022

Starting January 1, 2022, new rules have been put in place requiring websites to gain user consent before storing cookies in their browser. This was done in an effort to increase transparency and user data protection. However, it appears that websites using fraudulent cookies will find alternative ways to store them, bypassing the need for user consent. This has led some to question the effectiveness of these new rules.

Your Trust is Our Priority

While we acknowledge the challenges posed by the new rules, we remain committed to user safety and transparency. We will always prioritize your trust and ensure that our cookies are secure and transparently managed. Even as some misuse cookies, remember: most cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of websites, and ours are no different.

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